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Stephen Euin Cobb

Author, Futurist, Columnist, Magazine Writer, Artist, Essayist, Transhumanist

Stephen Interviewing Authors

Marjorie M. Liu
(New York Times bestselling author)

David B. Coe
(Award-winning author of epic fantasy novels,
and in 2010, the novelization of the movie Robin Hood
directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe)

Lucienne Diver
(Literary agent who represents many best selling and award-winning authors)

Ginjer Buchanan
(Senior Executive Editor and Marketing Director of Ace and ROC books)

David Drake
(Author of many SF&F novels,
and one of the premier authors in the military SF subgenre)

Eric Flint
(Award-winning and prolific author of SF&F,
well known for his alternate history novels)

Dan and Sarah A. Hoyt
(Sarah is an award-winning author of many fantasy novels.
Her husband Dan is a rocket scientist, mathematician and writer.)

L. E. Modesitt, Jr
(Author of many SF&F novels,
best known for his fantasy series The Saga of Recluce)

Walter Jon Williams
(Author of Hardwired and many other SF&F novels)

Walt (The Big Banana Slug) Boyes
Marketing Director at Jim Baen's Universe Magazine