Stephen Euin Cobb

Being interviewed on various TV news shows


Make-up!  He's gonna need more than that!


interviewed Stephen Euin Cobb

in their studios

and broadcast it live





Stephen Euin Cobb enjoying the TV limelight




Domonique Benn (one of the morning anchors)

conducted the interview




A close-up on Stephen’s Novel




Making a more serious point








sent a camera crew

to interview Stephen Euin Cobb

at Borders Books & Music:

one of the stops on his booksigning tour.




Stephen Euin Cobb smiling for the TV audience



Chatting with a reader



Providing a handwriting analysis

for Peggy Gregory’s daughter: Amber.



Signing one



One end of the booksigning table



A tight close-up on Stephen’s novel







NBC-TV news anchor Rich Everitt

(along with a cameraman)

visited Stephen Euin Cobb in his home

and spent over an hour filming and interviewing him.


The resulting feature was broadcast during

the evening news at six and eleven.



The anchor introduces Stephen



The interview began with a close-up



Stephen at his dining table



Signing a copy of his novel for Rich

and one for the cameraman



Close-up on the action



The interview continued in Stephen’s office





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