Stephen Euin Cobb






Stephen Euin Cobb is an author, columnist, futurist and host of the award-winning podcast The Future And You.


He's a columnist and contributing editor for Jim Baen's Universe Magazine (the online magazine from Baen Books); contributing editor for Robot Magazine (a print publication resembling Popular Science); and has written for Space and Time Magazine, H+ Magazine and Grim Couture Magazine.  He is also an essayist, artist, game designer, and transhumanist. 




As host of The Future And You, a one-hour long weekly podcast, he interviews authors, celebrities, scientists, and "pioneers of the future" as to what they believe both the near future and distant future will be like.

Nanotech, biotech, and exoplanets are popular topics on his show, as are cryonics, organlegging, computers wired into the human brain, global warming, genetic engineering of humans, faster than light travel, worm holes, black holes, transhumanism, and the technology of living more-or-less forever.

Greg Bear, David Drake, and Alan Dean Foster have all been guests, as have Kim Stanley Robinson, David B. Coe, John Ringo, Spider Robinson, Eric Flint, David Brin, Mike Resnick, Sarah A. Hoyt, Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress, Jay Lake, Vernor Vinge, and Catherine Asaro. Less famous guests have included Rudi Hoffman (a cryonics insurance agent), Mike Treder (CEO of the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology), John R. Douglas (editor of Scifipedia from, and Lionel Vogt (a transhumanist and TV battle-robot builder).




Magazine articles he has written include: The Universal Diagram, The Errand Boy, What's New in The Future And You, What I've Learned Interviewing Futurists, Your Medical Care in the Coming Three Decades, The Perpetual Electron, The Essay with No Title (until its end), Fifteen Ways Cheap Solar Cells are going to Change the World, and My Father's Watch. 

Bones Burnt Black is Stephen’s most widely read novel.  It was serialized as an audio book within his podcast during its first two years. His essays (in print and in his show) generally deal with the future or with science.  His second most popular novel is Plague at Redhook.




He has invented several games, the most famous being Death Stacks for which there is an annual tournament held each summer in Charlotte NC at the SF&F convention ConCarolinas. He also invented the Ignorance Index, an empirical rating system for radio and television talk shows. 

His hobbies include astronomy (he has a 10.1 inch Dobsonian telescope), handwriting analysis, and drawing in charcoal and pastels.

Stephen’s somewhat unusual middle name "Euin" is pronounced like a contraction of the two words You in, with the emphasis placed on You. This was his father's middle name, as well as that of his father's father. For a time he believed it to be a Gaelic word which means young, but he has since learned it is simply the Gaelic version of the Biblical name John. 

Within the three dimensional virtual world of Second Life he is Boc Cryotank.




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