Stephen Euin Cobb

Science fiction writer


book signing tour

Spring 2003


(Borders, Books-A-Million, Waldenbooks, Booklovers)




Stephen with Tony Dean




To make his book signings more fun (for himself as well as his readers)

Stephen provides a free handwriting analysis for anyone who

buys a copy of his novel or is with someone in who buys one.

In the photo above Stephen is telling Cliff Dyches what he sees in his handwriting.




Cliff seems pleased with his analysis.




Stephen analyzes the handwriting of Timothy Baughman…

the young man dressed in blue.




Stephen with his sister Peggy Gregory




Stephen with Kenneth Phillip Doyle and Timothy Baughman










Enjoying feedback from readers




Performing another handwriting analysis




Stephen enjoys chatting with readers




The readers seem to enjoy it too.










Stephen’s father (Mel Cobb)

dropped by the book signing at Booklover’s


(In this image, Stephen is wearing an eye-patch due to a painful but mostly superficial injury to his eye.

An impact with a blunt metal object scratched his cornea, fractured the orbital bones and bruised the flesh around the eye enough to swell it closed.  He has since recovered, and his sight has degraded only very slightly.)



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